Educational Activities and Toys
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Fine Motor Skills

Our Worksheets are designed to develop your child’s fine motor skills in various ways


Language Skills

We have different activities to start develop your child’s language skills from a very young age

Numeracy Skills

Numeracy skills will also be developed while your child does some of the many open-ended activities we provide

About Us

Edunity was inspired by the need for easy and affordable educational material for many South Africans. To be able to teach children in their own language and any other South African Language.

We aspire to keep the activities simple and easy to use, that is also budget friendly. The activities are designed to be open ended so that it may be used in a variety of ways, to stimulate different age groups and development phases. The activities also develop multiple areas at the same time. While learning the alphabet you can also develop fine-motor skills as well as language and pre-writing. 

Every child is unique and therefore learns and experiences things in their own way. Our activities are designed to meet multiple needs in one so that you can use it on all your children. 

The learning process should be fun and stress free.

Be patient during the imperfections and enjoy the process.

We want to bring Unity through Education.

Start Learning at a young age.

Providing your kids with the best building blocks to their education.

Our activities are easy to use from ages 2-6.

Special needs education can also benefit from our activities.


When will I receive my printables?

You will be directed to an instant download link, where you can download it immediately after purchase. You also receive an email with the links to download the printables.

How do I buy products on Edunity’s website?

Go to Shop, on the website.

Click and view products you want to buy and add to cart.

When all the products wanted is added to cart, view cart and apply any coupons if available. Then proceed to check out. Fill in the details needed and make payment.

We receive your order instantly and can start processing it as soon as its made.

Printables are an instant download after purchase.

Can I place and order via email without going through the website?

Yes, you can! Please send us an email at to place your order. Please state all the products you want to buy with a delivery address. We will then send you an invoice with our banking details on for payment. As soon as payment is received, we will send you your products.

Why don’t I get instructions with my printables?

We purposefully did not give instructions with our printables to give you the freedom to use them as you need. To inspire creativity and not limit the use of the printables. Every child is unique and learns at their own pace and level, by not giving instructions on how to use them you can accommodate them on a personal level.

We do however share how we personally use them on our social-media platforms.

How long does delivery take on wooden toys?

We make the wooden toys over weekends for every order placed during the week to keep production costs at a minimum. We quality check and package them for delivery on Mondays. Depending on your location you will receive it on the week after your order is made. If any delays occur we will contact you.

Do I have to print the printables myself?

Yes, we the printables are downloadable for self-print. We currently don’t print and deliver printables.

Why can’t I find age categories?

We try to accommodate children from age 2-6. We chose not to categorize by age, because our printables are so interactive. We purposefully chose to design our products in a way to suit a variety of needs. One printables can be used in many ways and difficulties, to save you time and money.

Are my details safe after I filled in the forms at the check-out?

Yes, all details filled into our system are only used for delivery and contact purposes. We promise no third-party will have access to your details other than Payfast, through which payments are made and the couriers service who will deliver the parcels to the provided address. We chose safe partners for both tasks to keep our clients safe.

If you prefer to place an order via email please send us your order and contact details so that we can contact you directly to place an order.

I bought printables a while ago but cannot find them, do I need to pay again?

No need to buy the printables again if you already paid. Please just email us with your details, stating that you have bought it in the past and we will confirm the purchase and send it to you again.